Closter Volunteer Ambulance & Rescue Corps, Inc.

The Closter Volunteer Ambulance & Rescue Corps, Inc hereby sadly acknowledges the passing of Life Member Karen Fritsch.

Karen will always be remembered by many of the “old timers” for her individual achievement as becoming the first female member of the Corp almost 40 years ago. The world of volunteer emergency medical services was far different than today and Karen was pioneer in her achievement, setting the foundation for today when all female EMT crews are commonplace and not even thought twice about.

Karen dedicated herself early on to becoming a first rate EMT and was “first through the door” on many a call, calmly taking charge of a varied assortment of true emergencies, as back in the 1970’s paramedics were still an unheard of entity in Closter and the Northern Valley. There is no doubt that people lives were extended by Karen’s quick action and comforted by her compassion.

Karen will also be remembered as a true friend with a quick wit and a big smile. (She had to have that, she was married to Carl!) The Fritsch home always had an open door and a fresh pot of coffee on, and all were welcomed.

God bless you Karen, and Carl, Bobby, Tammie & Wesley. You have answered your final call. Rest in the peace of God, and have a place ready for the rest of us to respond.

Closter Volunteer Ambulance & Rescue Corps, Inc


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