It’s been over a year since mom passed, but I think about her everyday. There is always something around me to remind me of her. Today it was this photo:



This picture is from the 70’s and was pulled from the State Archives of Florida. I came across it while reading an article and I immediately recognized the area where the photo was taken.

Before we moved to Orlando we would come here for vacation. We would stay at the Knights Inn off International Drive. Knights Inn was next to the tall hotel in the photo. Having stayed in the same hotel for years, my parents knew the large hotel fairly well. When we finally moved here, we could still see that hotel from our house.

Of course back then we didn’t have GPS, but mom was clever and used the hotel as a landmark when she would go out shopping. I remember her making comments about how we couldn’t go too far because she had to be able to find her way back to the house, so she needed to keep the hotel in view.

I’m sure lots of people use landmarks to find their way around, but it’s just another fond memory of mom that I have.



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