Memories of Karen

We were visiting Orlando with my Mom and the kids. Joe and I were attempting to get to see our dear friends while in town. Karen had a busy schedule at Universal especially since it was a holiday week and many of us “Northerners” had come south for some warmer weather.I think we visited with Carl for a bit one evening and he told us to come back in the morning so we could see Karen-but he wasn’t going to tell Karen we were coming. He told Joe to ring the doorbell and say he was coming to look at he pool. Joe had a golf hat on and sort of pulled it down over his face. If I’m not mistaken, Karen was having trouble getting someone to actually come look at the pool so it could be repaired. Karen showed “the pool guy” into the backyard never suspecting it was really Joey. I’m not sure how he didn’t burst out laughing but she really was very surprised to find out that the pool guy was really Joey (and Carl) playing a practical joke on her. I’m pretty sure she was happy to see us – not sure how long it took for her to get the real estimate! I have many other fond memories of times spent with the Fritsch family and as I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what to write, I kept coming back to this particular memory. Love and hugs to all, Ginny and Joey

Ginny Talmo


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