Surprises after Mom was gone

When I was a kid, one of my favorite things was a magazine called Highlights. My mom had it delivered to the house so I never missed an issue. She would even make copies of the pages so I could do the puzzles and hidden pictures over and over again. About 3 years ago as a joke she bought me a subscription to it again. I saved all the copies for when I had children.

She knew how much Wesley loves to read and look at books. She always bought him books to give him when he visited and she always wrote, “Love Nana” in them. It’s been over two weeks since my mom passed away and today in the mail a magazine arrived called Highlights Hello, made by the same people that made the magazine I loved so much. It’s for kids under 2. I had no idea she had bought a subscription for him. It just reminds me how much she loved us all, especially Wesley. I will write “Love Nana” in each of them. Thank you Mommy, I miss so much you everyday.

Tammie Helmick


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